Hello yogis, I hope you’re enjoying the summer sunshine and the prolonged freedom from parkas, boots and long underwear. Now granted I’m biased, but I’ve always believed that Toronto summers are exceptional because of everything this city has to offer. From festivals to food to fitness, this city has fun on lock. And while I love to break from my routine and enjoy the wilder side of Toronto, I keep my moksha practice up even through the hotter months. I know a lot of folks take a break at this time of year, but sometimes I think they’re missing out on some pretty cool benefits of sweating it out in summer.


My body’s ability to modulate my need to sweat has been ‘next leveled’ by my regular Moksha practice. Sweating on command is my superpower! Now sometimes I just sniff a hot chili pepper and I can produce a light patina of moisture on my face. It’s like my body is always able to sense the presence of heat and immediately instigate cooling procedures. I haven’t yet discovered how this superpower helps humanity, but it sure kicks the legs out from under my air conditioning bill. Moksha seems to have improved my overall tolerance for higher temperatures, but when sweating is required it happens quickly and efficiently. But listen to me, just bragging about instasweat when I could also be bragging about my…


Look, they named it ‘patio season’ for a reason. And I must admit that I find a glass of white wine with dinner in July gets guzzled a whole lot faster than it did in December. Something most of us notice when we start Moksha is the deep cleansing feeling that all- over, detoxifying sweat produces. In the summer I get to enjoy that feeling while being wrapped in fewer layers of clothing. I feel cleaner in my skin, organs and muscles almost as if the hot yoga acted as a complete body loofah. But look at me bragging about my complete body loofah…


Connecting with your Moksha community is a great way to keep your practice honest. I love to check in with Elizabeth Lagerlôf about how I can maximize the impact of my downward dog, or to get some lighter nutritional tips from our resident food guru, Maria Mancuso. In the summer it feels like we all have a little more time to connect. Truthfully, the moksha teachers at MYD always have time to talk about anything, it’s me who comes at Moksha from a different perspective when I’m in a summer state of mind. I’m slightly more connected to my body in the summertime, so my curiosity about self-care is always piqued. I’m grateful to be able to bring my questions to this amazing yoga community.

I highly recommend you give yourself a chance to fall in love with summer Moksha. Chances are very good that before you can say ‘popsicle’, it will melt your heart. Yogis, please enjoy this incredible city, have a lovely July…. and don’t forget to hydrate!

Namaste y’all.


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