Angela Cookson

Angela Cookson – Registered Massage Therapist

Angela’s dedication to helping & being in the service of others was the driving force behind her becoming a Registered Massage Therapist years ago. Following many years as a teacher, she decided to head back to the classroom – but as a student – and she completed her massage therapy training at Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic in Toronto in 2007. Going back to school re-ignited Angela’s passion for being a student in life, and since having graduated, she has channelled her life-long enthusiasm for expanding her knowledge into her professional life. Most recently, Angela headed to McMaster University to learn Contemporary Acupuncture, and she has been loving it, and the new neurofunctional dimension it has brought to all aspects of her treatments ever since.
Angela’s massage style is firm & fluid, treatments are thorough and integrative, and her approach to well-being is wholistic. Her favourite yoga posture is Savasana, wherein she meditates on the possibility of finding more length in her hamstrings.
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