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Elisabeth Lagerlöf

My yoga journey began when a friend asked me to join her for what was promised as an intense and sweaty workout.  Always up for checking out a new fitness option I agreed, but what I found was so much more than exercise.  I left the first hot class drenched and amazed by what I had experienced; my mind had been quiet and I was totally present in my body.

So that was it, I was hooked.  I soon came to the energy exchange program and through this involvement my love for Moksha yoga, and the community it has created grew.  It became quite clear to me that yoga was going to be a big part of my life, and clearer still when I was asked to step into a role on the front desk.  I then headed to Nicaragua in January 2015 for teacher training, an indescribably amazing experience.

Through a regular practice I have found a connection to myself that grows with every sweaty class.  I am so grateful for yoga, and I hope to pass this love and appreciation on to others.