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Run Into MYDanforth to Tune Up for Spring!


He’s made that greeting his trademark, and if you haven’t yet been introduced, allow me to take this opportunity. Bret Nuclar, our fearless Studio Manager here at MYD has been called the Ambassador of Awesomeness. A young Jedi in training -#darkside – Brett’s been practicing yoga for more than a decade. Some of Bret’s other credits include sharing the most delicious vegan treats with anyone in his vicinity, and always having a solid pun at the ready. When I sat down to talk to Bret about Brendan Jensen’s Yoga Tune Up Workshop this Sunday at 7, I found out something else about Bret I didn’t know – he’s really into running.

I used to run a lot myself. I had issues with my feet, it was a whole thing. From time to time I’d have to stop running and nurse a swollen or aching foot, and in the end I was sidelined with a Morton’s neuroma – I do not recommend that you Google that during dinner. Bret could relate because his own feet had brought him to Brendan’s past Tune Up workshops – both literally, and in search of techniques to protect them from the ravages of a regular running lifestyle. Brendan’s known for packing his workshops chock full of tips that can increase the success of your practice, as well as giving tools for running that help prevent injury. Of Brendan, Bret says sometimes “it’s a reminder of things I’ve learned already, but he always teaches something new, like how to work out the facial tissues in my feet.” Hm. While I await my first orthopedic surgeon appointment, I’m making a mental note to ask Brendan for tips about pain relief in my foot. DO NOT GOOGLE MORTON’S NEUROMA! And if you do, certainly DON’T search for surgical videos on how to remove them! You’ve been warned.

Whether or not you run says Jedi Bret, there’s something for everyone in Brendan’s Tune Up workshop. “He has a calming energy and a real enthusiasm and passion for his yoga practice.” In addition, Bret says that every time he takes one of Brendan’s TU workshops, he gets insight into how he can maximize the benefit of his practice. “I did my Moksha training with Brendan. He’s just awesome.” Way to stand up for your buddy Brett, you’re really putting your best foot forward. #thispunsforbrett

There’s still space available in this Sunday’s Spring Tune Up Workshop with Brendan at 7pm. The cost is $30 for members, $35 for non-members. Come join us and get tips to next level your practice, and maybe you’ll set your inner runner free.

Namaste y’all.


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