Treat Yo’self!

Happy Pride month, everybody! Every time I walk down the hall toward the change rooms I’m conscious of the status of the door at the end. Is it open or closed? If it’s closed I’ll see the little mask with finger pressed to lips, reminding me to shhh, and that means someone is enjoying one of the awesome services offered by The Treatment Room. True story, I remember when I first joined the studio seeing the mask and thinking, that must be where the accountant sits (I HEAR you laughing Michelle, stop it), until one day the door was open and I glimpsed a massage table and realized that must be one lazy accountant.

Turns out there was no accountant, just a team of massage therapists whose services perfectly compliment a regular yoga practice. But it isn’t mad love of yoga that attracted amazing RMT Angela Cookson to manager of the Treatment Room, it was a desire to work in the field of science in a grounded and healthy way. Where there are people pushing the limits of their flexibility and strength, so will there also be bodies in need of proper therapeutic care. The Treatment Room is able to address a wide variety of yogis’ concerns. Angela – who by the way, was THIS CLOSE to choosing a career as a paramedic – has discovered that working out of Moksha Yoga Danforth has also been of therapeutic benefit to herself. Working as a paramedic promised long hours and the likelihood of encountering trauma she wasn’t prepared for, so she chose massage therapy, a career that would allow her a little more flexibility. She’s still got that firm science foundation she craves, and she’s Zen AF to boot. #ZenAF

Angela tells me there are two months during the year when she notices people’s bodies seem to demand more attention – June and November. “Particularly in the summer people are getting more active. Their rec leagues are starting up, they’re outside with kids and dogs and bikes, and we in the Treatment Room start hearing more complaints of fatigue. It’s usually when we’re spending more time treating the lower half of the body,” says Angela.   “In both November and June, people are changing their footwear and this has a definite impact on everything north of the calves.” PRO TIP! Angela recommends changing into your seasonal footwear gradually, and incorporating calf stretches into your warm up routine. She also recommends coming in for a treatment with any member of her “superstar team”, which includes Jamie Boer and Ross Edwards. “Ross is a Thai Yoga Practitioner,” she tells me, and when she describes a Thai yoga massage, I immediately add ‘GET ONE OF THOSE’ to my mental bucket list. Apparently it’s like a Yin class times a thousand. “It really helps yogis deepen their practice. It aids them in identifying restrictions in the body, to get into facial muscle, and can even push the limits of the body’s flexibility.”

Unlike traditional massages, it’s done with yoga clothes on, and you won’t necessarily feel sleepy when it’s over. That’s ok though, because if you time your massage right, after it’s over you can challenge your new limits by taking a Moksha class, and chances are by the time savasana rolls around, you’ll be ready for it.


And I say take that disco nap, you’ve earned it.

Namaste y’all!



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