Grow Your Yoga


Moksha / Modo studios worldwide will be participating in a 30 Day Challenge.

There will be a sticker board of course, community building and support as we sweat together and challenge ourselves on the mat.
The 30 Day Challenge is for the month of April but don’t fret, you can have days off, we consider 25 of 30 days a completed Challenge. We want it to be challenging but more importantly to create a sustainable habit of getting on the mat – a 30 Day Challenge is a fun way to do just that! There will be goody bags at the beginning, raffles for prizes at the end and lots of super sweaty high fives along the way!

We are offering special Grow Your Yoga pass for $125 (+tax)
Members are $10 you just need to register to get your name on the sticker board.

Workshops to Grow Your Yoga:

There will be four fun workshops during April:

April 2nd 1:30-2:30 Moksha Fundamentals – Standing Series – by Donation

April 9th at 1:30-2:30 Moksha Fundamental – Floor Series – by Donation

April 22nd at 7 – 9 GYY Jam – by Donation

April 30th at 7 – 9 Yin Yoga Chakra Journey
Grow Your Yoga is about using the power of yoga – a contemplative, peaceful practice – to affect real change in the world. In addition to inviting people to attend Karma classes (by donation) at studios across North America and in Australia, Moksha and Modo Yoga studios are encouraging students to donate or join their fundraising team online.

Okay! Since our 7 pillars guide our approach to action, there are some pillars that stick out a little more than others when we think about climate change. For example, when we talk about Be Accessible, it means choosing topics and actions that everyone can agree upon or get behind. And, it’s easy to see how everyone can get behind working for the human right to clean water!

When we talk about Community Support, we are acknowledging how much the support of a community is required in order to work effectively on ending climate change. We certainly can’t do everything by ourselves. So, we come together as a community to Live To Learn (get educated), spread awareness, fundraise for those who have direct access to creating legal change, and then take action to create change. Or, in other words, Reach Out.

The David Suzuki Foundation,, and the Waterkeeper Alliance all align with the 7 Pillars, and they’re using community action, strong science, and legal expertise to educate, legislate, and take direct action to “Protect Our Water” for future generations. Read on about the David Suzuki Foundation, which your studio has chosen to support this year.

Getting involved is pretty easy. You can sign up at the front desk and join this awesome 30-day challenge and know that your practice is giving back. You can follow the studio’s social media posts about the DSF and reshare on your social media. You could even sign up as a team member of your studio on Crowdrise and join their fundraising effort. Going further, you can reach out to friends and family to contribute to your fundraising campaign. but if this message really speaks to you, you could follow the Blue Dot campaign by the DSF and share posts through social media.

As a studio our goal is to raise $2,500
The Moksha / Modo Worldwide community goal is to raise $150,000

Join our team, donate and/or raise money through Crowdrise – the highest fundraiser will be rewarded with a certificate to attend a workshop of their choice at the studio in 2017.

HOW WE WILL FUNDRAISE for David Suzuki Foundation?
All donations from Karma Classes during the months of March & April will be supporting David Suzuki Foundation.
2.  CROWDRISE FUNdraising
During the challenge we invite you to set a goal to raise $100-$200 during your challenge. This is fully an optional part of the challenge, but can be a very rewarding compliment to the hard work of your practice.

David Suzuki Foundation: The DSF water protection campaign focuses primarily on ensuring clean water for First Nations peoples. As of November 2016, there are 156 boil water advisories, in some cases for over 20 years! DSF implements clear strategies to fund research and works to create legislation in the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees our human right to clean water. Truly protecting our water will serve to drastically limit the causes of climate change which have downstream effects on our water. If the water must be protected, companies will have to fall in line. The DSF works to build committed leadership by empowering people in place, and they create and promote evidence-based environmental solutions at all levels of society. Most importantly, they are working collaboratively with Indigenous peoples as stewards of their water and land.

Whether you choose to join the challenge or make a donation, just reading this note is also a powerful action on your part. Being informed is crucial to creating change and protecting the earth.

#GrowYourYoga Story Challenge

Tell us how your yoga has grown with a story and use the tag #GrowYourYoga in your social media posts during the challenge in April.

  • Shoot a short video from your phone to tell the story
  • Write a little post on your social media pages
  • If you have a blog, do a blog post
  • When you share it, remember to tag #GrowYourYoga so challengers around the world can connect and find all the stories